International Schools Debate Tournament


AlYamamah University organized and hosted the first annual International Schools Debate Tournament in Riyadh, on Monday 16th April 2018.  Teams from Girls’ International High School represented Kingdom School at this competition.  Students from Grade 10 and 11 participated in the International Schools Debate Tournament and achieved the 1st PRIZE, competing against other leading International High Schools in Riyadh!
Preceding the competition, team members were diligently and intensely working to prepare for the tournament.  Each team member had the responsibility to become informed and comprehend the necessary statistics and studies for each topic, for the four rounds of the tournament.  This mammoth task was a challenge, while simultaneously monitoring the opposing teams’ points of information.  
During the intense competition with different schools within each round, team members produced compelling, eloquent and impressive points against opposing schools.  The competition was demanding and testing, as each round became more challenging than the previous.  The GIH team proved their formidable strength with overwhelming and convincing material which led them to winning the first prize.  Judges consisted of university lecturers and professors who were captivated and astounded by the talents that the students portrayed.  They were particularly fascinated by the students’ ability to research, present and dominate the stage with their persuasive arguments.
Accomplishing such a victory with the high level of caliber of students from Riyadh, reinforces that students’ at Kingdom Schools, Girls’ International High School are given every opportunity to flourish and shine.  
A huge success and congratulations to Moudy Bandar AlSaud – 11A, Nora Bandar AlMashhadi – 11A and Sarah Mazin AlHarthi – 10A!  We are proud of your triumphs!