Riyadh Urban Design Challenge 2018

On Saturday 17th March, a team of GIH students from grades 9 and 10 represented Kingdom Schools at the Riyadh Urban Development Challenge- 'Smart City Solutions Competition' and achieved 1st prize competing against reputable colleges, universities and professional individuals.
The competition was organized by Happold Foundation and Buro Happold Engineering and took place in Al Faisal University.
Prior to the competition day, the GIH team designed and put together multiple solutions to a smart city in a structured PowerPoint document which fulfilled the evaluation criteria provided by Happold Foundation. Students then presented a story board explaining a typical day in the lives of citizens of a future Smart Urban District of Riyadh.
Judges were impressed with the methods used by the GIH team to integrate technology into the story board as well as appraising the presentation skills displayed by the GIH team.

Achievements on such a platform not only strengthens the morale of the student body to aim for higher levels but practically represents the schools core values and global citizenship within students of Kingdom Schools, GIH.

The winning team members were:

Grade 10:
Sama AlRasheed-10A
Basma AlYemni-10B
Layan Kamal-10B
Ghada Al Othman-10C

Grade 9
Sara ALShumeisy -9A
Basmah ALHamidi-9A
Haya AlIssa-9B
Judy Sahab-9C