Riyadh's High-Performance International School 

Our approach to learning & teaching

As the best international school, Kingdom Schools offers a high standard education to the students in Riyadh, KSA. Our structured curricula give our students the tools they will need to assess and solve problems. This approach is based on the belief that students grow through learning. And by teaching our students this important skill, they will be prepared for the future and be inspired to seek knowledge.

At Kingdom Schools, we believe that teachers are the true designers of a holistic approach to learning. Instruction is intentionally differentiated, personalized, research-based, and constantly reflective. Great teachers are supported by administrators, curriculum coordinators, learning coaches, peer leaders, and each other. We believe that clear expectations help teachers improve their skills, and we have a standards-based learning system. Kingdom Schools maximizes student learning through a coherent system with a common language, purpose, and understanding.


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