Congratulations to out talented students

Congratulations to these talented students who have passed the Mawhoob 2 Test and moved on to the Mawhiba International Olympics! 

Meet our amazing students:

Noura Alhomaidi - Grade 7 Math

Aljohara Albarrak - Grade 9 Chemistry

Nora Alshehri - Grade 9 Chemistry

Layan Alsaad - Grade 9 Chemistry

Layla Altokhi - Grade 9 Chemistry

Rawah Hamad - Grade 9 Chemistry

Toleen Alareify - Grade 9 Chemistry

We are incredibly proud of their achievements, and we have more great news to share! 


Noura Alhomaidi brought home the Gold Medal in Math, showcasing her exceptional skills and dedication. 


Aljohara Albarrak also made us proud by winning the Bronze Medal in Chemistry, a testament to her hard work and commitment. 


These young talents are shining examples of what dedication and perseverance can achieve. Let's continue to support and encourage them on their academic journey. #MawhibaOlympics #StudentAchievements #kingdomschools