2022-2023 Graduates

As the academic year of 2022-23 is complete, We are happy to announce the students that will be attending universities outside of the Kingdom. The quality of universities that the students have been accepted in are phenomenal and of high quality in terms of Ivy League and Russel Group universities. We wish all our students the best in their undergraduate degrees and for their future.


  • Abdulaziz AlGhamdi - University of Manchester
  • Ahmad Tarabulsi - Purdue University
  • Faris Omar - University of California, Davis
  • Fahad AlSaud - Columbia College
  • Daniyaal Khan - University of Middlesex, Dubai


  • Sarah AlMutawa - University of Pennsylvania
  • Layan AlBarqy - Florida Institute of Technology
  • Lulwa AlDughaither - Barnard College, NY
  • Lana AlHarbi - UC Irvine
  • Deema AlSaud - George Mason University
  • Aljohara AlSheikh - Boston University
  • Lujane AlZughaibi - Boston University
  • Raghdah Sheerah - The Culinary Institute of America
  • Summer Buhairi - University of St. Thomas, Minnesota
  • Ghaliah Aref - Queen Mary University of London
  • Yasmin AlYousef - King's College, London
  • Sarah Fahad AlSaud - King's College, London
  • Reef AlMansouri - Queen Mary University of London
  • Layal Bahanshal - City University, London