Bright History of Graduates


Since the opening of Kingdom Schools, its motto has been “Innovative Learning for a New Generation”. The school set its goal to graduate students armed with knowledge and critical thinking in order to be distinguished students in any university they join. The school also aims at contributing towards the Vision of 2030 by providing students with skills that they need to be successful and efficient workforce in the new labor market. 

The school is aware that our graduates must be the future’s positive change, capable of exploiting opportunities and gates that are open to them to serve their community as they are the real wealth of our country.

Kingdom Schools has been a pioneer in fulfilling and implementing the vision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who is certain and confident that the future of our country is in the hands of its youth, as he said:

“I am one of 20 million people and the least among them ... I am nothing without them.

 I am the least and weakest example among them all. They are the ones that motivate me and push me forward.

As these are the words of His Royal Highness, our Crown Prince, the young generation has no excuses not to strive in order to achieve their ambitious leader’s goal of building a future that is not hindered by any challenges.

Finally, my humble message to International Kingdom Schools’ students:

You are the hope of this country whose goal is to make a positive social and cultural change in the Saudi community to be side by side with international advanced communities, with valuing our own national identity of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since our society is one of the most interactive societies on modern social media, I do encourage you to be the good representative of our precious country which granted you the highest levels of training and leadership to be the arms of this ambitious and thriving country.