The MiSK Global Forum is an ongoing platform that brings young leaders, creators and thinkers together to explore, experience and experiment with ways to meet the challenge of change.  In the 2018 edition, Sarah AlHarthi, a MiSK student, was given the amazing opportunity to participate on a panel and be involved in the closing speech of the final ceremony.  Her innovative outlook on medicine provoked a motivating discussion on the future of medicine.  This is the essence of the MiSK Global Forum: to empower, encourage and transform the future of Saudi Arabia.


Jana Aleissa.  Jan- 2019

As a MiSK student, I had the great honor of attending the Harvard Summer School in Summer ‘18. Attending courses such as Macroeconomics and Law & Psychology has nourished me with a tremendous amount knowledge that will surely be of great help in my future; however, the MiSK College Prep program does not end here, with yet another summer to go which includes training on exams such as SAT’s and TOEFL. I am at my utmost excitement for what’s in store that MiSK is planning to achieve with us. -


Sarah Alharthi. Jan- 2019

Around this time last year, I was eager to join the MiSK organization as a fellow. Completing my personal essays, gathering recommendation letters, and weighing the options I had. Fortunately, I was able to become a part of the MiSK College Prep Program as one of the first 200 students, MiSK endorses for what I believe is the best academic training program in the region.  The College Prep Program was an exceptional experience, from the moment I submitted my TOEFL test scores to when MiSK helped me score an acceptance to both Sandhurst Military Academy and Harvard University this past summer.